at last!

by kristinnfarren


{from November 9, 2012}

I think I mentioned before that we host a lot of non-Young Life groups throughout the school season, but this past weekend we had a Young Life group in camp. It was beautiful, sweet, exciting, awesome, and all things good. It is great to still be in guest services right now because I get a lot of hands-on time with the groups. As much as I am familiar with and love Young Life in North Carolina, it is fun to learn and get to know the ministry out here too.

The group that was in camp this weekend is a prime example of why I am passionate about working on property staff. I think that Young Life’s high school ministry is great and effective but there is so much more to the mission, and this job allows me to be a part of it all. Last weekend, the group brought all sides of the ministry here: Suburban & Urban (ministry to high schoolers), Capernum (ministry to the disabled), and Young Lives (ministry to teenage moms). It is such a joy to me to see all of these aspects of the ministry come together and see that the Lord is working through it all.

I get to work again this weekend for a Wyldlife (ministry to middle schoolers) trip, so I am sure it will be pretty crazy around here. Hopefully, their moms will help them pack because we’re expecting some more snow and cold, cold temperatures. But the snow is coming just in time for the ski slopes to open up next week!