dream life

by kristinnfarren

In the summer of 2007 I did work crew at Young Life’s Frontier Ranch for a month. During that month of volunteering at camp I thought I felt the Lord nudging me to pursue Young Life camping for a life time. Sounded cool at the time but I was a measly 16 years old. [beginning of a dream]

Fast forward through each summer of college when I had the opportunity EVERY summer to take high school girls to camp to hear the Gospel. It was during these weeks over various summers that I saw why I love Young Life camping: Young Life camps are a place where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is presented so very clearly and where so many high schoolers accept His forgiveness. [reinforcement of a dream]

Fast forward again to February 2012. I vividly remember dropping the little girl I was nannying off at dance practice and almost immediately receiving a phone call from a 970 number — that is the area code of Fraser, Colorado — home of Crooked Creek Ranch — where my application to be an intern had been sitting for months. It was man named Stu on the other end offering me an internship. YES! HECK YES! I got to go celebrate this excitement with the best Young Life team in all the land that evening at Millbrook Club (#wildcatsforever) [continuing the dream]

Fast forward one more time to February 2013. Some how, some way the Lord softened my heart (very quickly I might add) to want to apply for the job as Crooked Creek Ranch’s bookkeeper. As in accounting for stuff. Never in my life would I imagine myself as a bookkeeper, but luckily the Lord did and that is what I get to do. I get to be the bookkeeper here for as long as He will have me. YAHOO!! [living the dream]

Enter this blog…a way for me to keep track of this wild journey. A way for me to improve my communication with my friends at home. A way to inspire me to take pictures of life.