here I am!

by kristinnfarren

{from September 14, 2012}

I have officially lived in Colorado for over 10 days now! And the truth is I’m loving every minute of it. There have been some times that I have felt incredibly overwhelmed — like when I got here and had to unpack my life or how everyone keeps talking about the feet of snow and the negative degree temperatures. Everyday I am affirmed my coming here is me following God’s will, so for that I am absolutely thankful.

My new roommates/ friends/co-interns are great.

There are 10 of us from all over the country that live and work together here at Crooked Creek. We spend the majority of our time together, which is a lot when you combine work-time, play-time, and sleep-time, but it has made the transition smooth for me. On a simple level, there is always someone to spend time with, but beyond that I think the Lord prepared us before we were even here to be sensitive to one another so that we could jump right into each others lives.

The first rotation that I am working is in with Guest Services. I will be working in this department until Thanksgiving helping with hospitality as we prepare for groups to arrive and answering requests during their stay. The “school season” for Crooked Creek involves mostly non-Young Life groups, which was something that I was not expecting. For instance, the Air Force Academy is coming next week, but what is important is that we are serving them in Christ and that the Gospel is being proclaimed on this property.