pure excitement

by kristinnfarren

{from February 22, 2013}

February has been a great month! I am excited to share with you all that I have taken a full- time job here at Crooked Creek Ranch! Yes, that does mean that I will be staying in Colorado for a while, but my heart is very much still in North Carolina. I started training for the job this week, then beginning April 1st I will be the bookkeeper for CCR.

It is unreal how fast this all happened, yet how much I felt like I was waiting. As most of you know, I have been waiting for years to have a job on Young Life property staff, but NEVER thought I would work as a bookkeeper (insert lots of time at a desk inside). I had known that this job was going to be available in the spring, I just never considered it until my mentor talked to me about applying one evening. During our conversation my heart was totally softened to the idea and I decided to put my name in. Then, the Lord’s hand became even more obvious when the other two top-running applicants pulled out. Next thing I knew I was offered the job and put in a holding spot for people much higher than me to figure out how this transition would work, going from intern to bookkeeper.

I have felt so cared for by the other interns and the rest of the staff during this process. Luckily, my good friend Jill Burnette was here with me to talk through things as it all began. Even Mom and Dad are OK with me living in Colorado for a while longer! I have been so blessed during my time here and I am excited to be able to continue life in Fraser. One thing I have to figure out is a more consistent way to watch Wolfpack athletics.