the days are getting few

by kristinnfarren

{from August 10, 2012}

NC-CO plates

This summer has been a wonderful one for me. I have had such a good time being back and forth between Raleigh, Pinehurst, and the beach. it has been such a joy to be with so many people that are so dear to me. But the end is getting so close! I leave 3 weeks from today to go to Atlanta (can’t leave without seeing the Wolfpack play) then I’ll go from there to Denver. My one-way flight to Denver is on September 2nd.

I am still beyond thrilled to be beginning this new chapter of my life. Any moments of anxiety or nervousness are immediately taken away when I am reminded that I am going to be working at Crooked Creek Ranch. I am so thankful that the Lord has called me to work in His ministry on Young Life property staff. Thank you for wanting o be a part of this too — your support, money, love, and prayers are encouraging.