things are lookin’ good

by kristinnfarren

{from January 16, 2013}

It may be hard to believe but I think that this year keeps getting better and better. I am starting month-5 of life in Colorado — I cannot believe it has been that long and that short at the same time. During December I got to go home for 9 days to celebrate Emily & Casey’s birthdays and Christmas. It was extremely life-giving to be in North Carolina with all the people that I love.

I am currently working in the dining hall as the hostess. When there are groups in, I train the volunteer workers that come in to help serve the meals. This role is really fun for me because I get a lot of interaction with the guests.

Right after we got back from our Christmas break we had a huge Young Life group come. The high schoolers & their leaders went skiing at Winter Park during the days but came back to came for meals, club, and sleep. I got to form some great relationships with the folks helping in the dining hall.

I have realized I have a passion for Young Life field staff — not to work on that side of the ministry, but to be able to serve them. People that work everyday with high school & middle school students and committees are absolutely incredible servants for the Kingdom! Coming to see this made me even more excited to find out that I get to work on the CCR Guest Services team this summer. I don’t know exactly what it will look like but I do know that I will get to work serving field staff and their families. I am so thankful that the Lord has placed me in that position for the summer.