in like a lion

by kristinnfarren

everyone's so happy to be @ CCR

everyone’s so happy to be @ CCR

Well the month of March came in super strong, as the saying goes. Not only did the Valley get 30 inches of snow in the first ten days, but the Farren Family took the Valley by storm. The gang was all here and it was an absolute blast! In true Farren fashion there were some extra faces in the mix: Megan and Emily are givens these days, but my old Young Life teammate Weston Suggs also made the trip! I was thrilled to be able to introduce everyone to my friends here, and visa-versa.

It was kind of crazy having a full on family-vaca in my backyard. I guess thats called hosting? Whatever it was, it was fun. We got to sleep, eat, ski, and play together for an entire week!! I am thankful that they all got to come here and see this crazy place that I live. [note: anyone is invited at anytime] [subnote: except no one is invited May 12-August 11, busytime in the YL camping world]


Dad. Me. Casey. Emily.

Even though the saying finishes that March goes out like a lamb, I am not entirely sure that is the case for me this month. It has been an absolutely crazy month work-wise. Tomorrow is technically my last day as an intern, then I go home for Easter vacation, and come back a full-time employee! This transition has happened fast, yet slow. I am nervous about everything being official, but I think I am ready.

Things to pray for: rest over Easter, smooth transition, confidence in where I am & what I’m doing.