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Month: April, 2013

birthday shout-out: Jonathan

I love birthdays!! I’m excited to start this new tradition on here to celebrate my friends in a fun way on their big day.

the net cap

the net cap

today, Jonathan turns 23. I wish I was in NC to celebrate with him, but he wouldn’t want that because he hates people knowing its his birthday. we’ve been great friends for over ten years now. for the first 6 years of our friendship we were the only NC State fans around … then [PTL] we both went to NC State and surrounded ourselves with likeminded geniuses. go pack!

key things to know about J: he’s a redhead (obvi). loves CrossFit. is mildly HILARIOUS. can play basketball & pingpong for hours on end. does ministry for Campus Outreach @ ECU. drove a Volvo wagon for a long time. drinks a lot of Muscle Milk. is left-handed.

you may recognize him by his aliases: Jon. Smetana. Ironman.

I am so thankful for him. The way that I have seen J’s life change since he began a relationship with the Lord the summer after our freshmen year of college is absolutely incredible. he is a servant. he is humble. he is sensitive. he is a leader. he points me to Jesus.

my four all-time favorites

my four all-time favorites

it is a little bit of a joke that I will have 4 boys as my bridesmaids when I get married one day — J is one of them! these 4 care for me REALLY well and ALWAYS make me laugh a lot.


spring snow

It has been unreal weather this week! They told us to expect one super early snow storm in the fall (didn’t happen) and one late snow storm in the spring (definitely happened).

3 feet of snow have fallen already this week. And maybe some more to come!

Word is that spring snow is great for us because it provides late-season moisture to the ground and trees to reduce the risk of wildfires in the summer.

Rockies game!!

If you really knew me, you’d know that I love sports.

Typically I shy away from professional sports, but every spring and summer (when there are no college athletics to obsess over) I pick up an interest in baseball. Getting to go to a Rockies game with most of the interns was so fun! We went last Saturday as a belated celebration for Duncan’s birthday.

It was a great night for all of us to be together! We are really trying to focus on our friendships with each other for this next month because 31 days from today our population doubles. On May 12th there will be 10 college-aged folks moving into our home with us to intern alongside us for the summer. It is going to be absolutely wild to have so many people around here so that is why we are trying to cherish this last little bit.

hang time at the game

hang time at the game

the closest thing to a successful group pic

the closest thing to a successful group pic

ps. One thing I love about Colorado is how much everyone is obsessed with the same teams. It was so true during football season with the Broncos and it is still reigning true for baseball season. Good work, CO.


family traditions

Easter has always been an odd holiday for our family for some reason. There were some normalcies growing up (church, baskets, dresses, bonnets, bowties, pictures), but my how we’ve veered off course. Granted, Jesus’ resurrection still tops the list. I think around middle school we began having Easter lunch…at the local Japanese steakhouse. As thankful as I am for Mt. Fugi, I am glad we have moved past this little tradition.

circa 1999?

circa 1999?

Our current Easter tradition began while I was in college when one of Dad’s friends invited us to use his cabin in the mountains for a weekend. It is affectionately known as Big Ridge. The place is beautiful and it looks out (from atop a big ridge) over the Blue Ridge Mountains. I am kind of glad this tradition is sticking. There is a pretty neat sunrise service that we like to go to at the Homestead Resort’s Gun Range.

I got to be home for a week for intern spring break, which mainly was a time for us to really start preparing for the craziness of summer here at CCR. We went to Big Ridge as a family, this time with our friend Danielle in tow. I am super thankful we had this mandatory use of our vacation time — it was pure joy to be able to be in Raleigh & Pinehurst!!


The real highlight of all these family traditions is something we like to call an album cover. Who knows what made us think it was a good idea several years ago, but we’re still going strong.

happy Easter, from our family to yours

happy Easter, from our family to yours



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