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Month: May, 2013

interns who backpack together

as a post Work Week celebration all 21 interns went on a backpacking trip. it was a crazy couple of days as we all hiked through part of the Dominguez Canyon in the western part of Colorado. apparently, in that part of the state it is already summer. the super-hot afternoons and warm nights were very welcome in my book.

gang's all here

gang’s all here

I had never seen any landscapes like the areas that we hiked through. on Wednesday, we left the Rockies and drove through Glenwood Canyon and arrived in the Mesas. the Mesas are beautiful in a completely different way from the majestic mountains that surround the Fraser Valley.

the trip was a great time for all of us to get to know each other before we dive into the craziness of summer. we had SO. MUCH. FUN. !! all year I was blown away by the way the Lord placed 10 completely different folks together to be year-long interns, and how perfectly we meshed together. I had a lot of doubts that the Greatness would continue into the summer…and I was wrong. the past 2 weeks that the 21 of us have been together have stripped away my doubts.

He is really, really good.


the alpaca of my dreams


today I got to relive the glory days of College of Textiles a little bit. Saturday I saw an advertisement for an alpaca festival and the fiber-nerd in me got REALLY excited so I drug two of my friends down the road to Granby, Colorado for the afternoon.


all of my wildest expectations of such a festival were met! we got to feed and walk in the pasture with Linda & Marv’s 200 alpaca. we got to play with their great pyrenees, Lily. we got tour their mill & dye house. it was so incredible to see all of the hard work they do on their little piece of land.


when people ask me why I work at a Young Life camp if I studied textiles, I always tell them that the Lord kept me interested in textiles throughout college so that I could “get it over with” in order to work at camp. I don’t think my love for textiles stopped when I left NC State’s Centennial Campus. my heart was very, very full this afternoon! I look forward to going back and spending more time with Linda this fall to help her around the mill.

life together

dinner with everyone

dinner with everyone

Things changed big time around here last weekend. Eleven new friends moved into the intern house at Crooked Creek Ranch — making for a cool 21 people.

Having this new group of interns added to our bunch only means one thing, and that is that summertime is here!! The ten year-long interns have been looking forward to this  all year. Summertime is primetime in Young Life camping.

As a group of people we must choose to live in joy, joy from the Lord. As we live and work together His joy and grace will be what keeps us together as a body. We get to be a part of creating a joyful environment on these 1,000 acres so that high schoolers can come from around the nation and experience joy. They get to escape the world of sorrows while they are here at Crooked Creek Ranch.

Some guests that will be here this summer will hear about and experience Joy for the first time in their entire lives. It is a blessing to be a part of that!!

PS. Its Christian’s birthday!! We took a 12 year break in our friendship between preschool and senior year of high school, but that doesn’t change anything. Yes, he is another one of the bridesmaids.

my four all-time favorites

my four all-time favorites

birthday shout-out: Jason

the dream team

the dream team

On January 28,2009 Jason and I were placed together as Young Life leaders at Millbrook High School (#wildcatsforever). I don’t know that I could have predicted just how good of friends we would become. Serving in ministry together forms a great bond that I don’t think can be found anywhere else. We get to share a deeply broken heart for that high school — while it sounds miserable, is actually awesome.

His appearance is always evolving. Originally there was the lip ring and mustache (thus getting escorted off the MHS campus). Then there was the snaggletooth (thanks to a yardsail of the handle bars of his beloved fixie). There are always bro-tanks involved in his wardrobe though.

a great example of his old look

a great example of the old look

Our favorite hang out is the Troxler lake house. The two of us loved to go up there together and impose on that family for days at a time and do nothing but puzzles and play on the lake. I am so, so sad to not make that drive to Virginia with J this summer.

But the best thing yet was J spending Christmas with our family this year. We eased him in by inviting him to Thanksgiving in 2012, but then stepped it up in 2013. It is great having him a part of these “family times” because he joins in so well with the way that we all love each other.

my favorite Jason-ism is: “things are things.” I have been challenged and humbled so many times by this!

happy birthday, Jashawn.

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