birthday shout-out: Jason

by kristinnfarren

the dream team

the dream team

On January 28,2009 Jason and I were placed together as Young Life leaders at Millbrook High School (#wildcatsforever). I don’t know that I could have predicted just how good of friends we would become. Serving in ministry together forms a great bond that I don’t think can be found anywhere else. We get to share a deeply broken heart for that high school — while it sounds miserable, is actually awesome.

His appearance is always evolving. Originally there was the lip ring and mustache (thus getting escorted off the MHS campus). Then there was the snaggletooth (thanks to a yardsail of the handle bars of his beloved fixie). There are always bro-tanks involved in his wardrobe though.

a great example of his old look

a great example of the old look

Our favorite hang out is the Troxler lake house. The two of us loved to go up there together and impose on that family for days at a time and do nothing but puzzles and play on the lake. I am so, so sad to not make that drive to Virginia with J this summer.

But the best thing yet was J spending Christmas with our family this year. We eased him in by inviting him to Thanksgiving in 2012, but then stepped it up in 2013. It is great having him a part of these “family times” because he joins in so well with the way that we all love each other.

my favorite Jason-ism is: “things are things.” I have been challenged and humbled so many times by this!

happy birthday, Jashawn.