interns who backpack together

by kristinnfarren

as a post Work Week celebration all 21 interns went on a backpacking trip. it was a crazy couple of days as we all hiked through part of the Dominguez Canyon in the western part of Colorado. apparently, in that part of the state it is already summer. the super-hot afternoons and warm nights were very welcome in my book.

gang's all here

gang’s all here

I had never seen any landscapes like the areas that we hiked through. on Wednesday, we left the Rockies and drove through Glenwood Canyon and arrived in the Mesas. the Mesas are beautiful in a completely different way from the majestic mountains that surround the Fraser Valley.

the trip was a great time for all of us to get to know each other before we dive into the craziness of summer. we had SO. MUCH. FUN. !! all year I was blown away by the way the Lord placed 10 completely different folks together to be year-long interns, and how perfectly we meshed together. I had a lot of doubts that the Greatness would continue into the summer…and I was wrong. the past 2 weeks that the 21 of us have been together have stripped away my doubts.

He is really, really good.