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Month: August, 2013

game day #1

I think I have mentioned before the lack of excitement about college athletics in this state. it’s sad to me how little people know or care about the beloved NCAA. while I do appreciate their love for the Rockies and Broncos, it’s not going to hold me back from getting fired up about college football.

today I celebrated the start of football season in true Colorado style … by climbing a 14er (read: mountain over 14,000 in elevation). there was 0% chance the Wolfpack would be on TV so this really was my best option





I started this post on July 5th as I began anticipating the change to come. the first time I remember voicing concern about said change was in February, when I was considering whether or not to accept the job as bookkeeper and live in Fraser, Colorado. people love to ask me about the change, which is helpful, but also a sad reminder.

the change. the intern apocolypse. the day my 9 closest friends in Fraser disperse around the country. August 27th.

I’m friggin scared. I don’t know what next week is going to look like at all. I don’t know if I’ll be able to see next week through the blur of tears. hopefully I’ll be able to stay hydrated with the amount of water I’ll be loosing via my tear ducts.

but I have faith. the Lord has brought be to this place for good/great/perfect reason and I have to hold on to that. tonight I choose to cling to that (I may need some reminders about this soon). PSALM 16:11

year-longs back at it

“This last season in my life has been characterized, more than anything else, by change. Hard, swirling, one-after-another changes, so many that I can’t quite regain my footing before the next one comes, very much like being tumbled by waves.” –bittersweet by Shauna Niequist

the tumbling really began at the end of 1st session when our first group of work crew, summer staff, and assigned team departed. now it seems more like a ripple. then again with 2nd session a month letter. then after 3 more weeks summer camp ENDED and no more buses of high schoolers came (more sad than I expected). then the 3rd session team left, too. then the summer interns (oh, how I loved them). now this is coming. LORD, GIVE ME LEGS TO STAND. PLEASE BE MY ROCK, MY SOLID FOUNDATION, MY STRENGTH AND PORTION FOREVER (especially Tuesday).

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