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Month: September, 2013

birthday shout-out: Chais

another one of the core-four turned 23 today.

my four all-time favorites

my four all-time favorites

when Chais moved to Pinehurst our freshmen year of high school we decided to become BFF so we established a hand shake and have never looked back.

we really have become close over the years and he is one of my favorite people to seek time with when I get to go to North Carolina. my not living in North Carolina does not stop him from still hanging out at my parents house, which I love.

I appreciate Chais so much — a lot to do with his ability to make omelets and some to do with how freaking genuine he is. but really though.¬†the summer after our sophomore year of college I got to watch the way God transformed Chais’ life when he became a believer at SOP. since then I have greatly come to appreciate the transparency of his life — I love the way he shares his thoughts & beliefs & dreams.



a recap of 22

I have officially moved out of the 22nd year of my life. not-so-sadly I will no longer find my identity in TSwift’s lyrics. here is a little reflection of some big things, and some not so big, that happened last year.

– learned to drink (and love) black coffee.
– decided to indefinitely move to the nation’s ice box, Fraser, Colorado

– skied more in a 4 month period than I have in my whole life combined
– fell even more in love with Young Life camping than before. I am so fired up about what the Lord is doing through this mission.
– watched a lot of Wolfpack sports, which will hopefully never change no matter how old I am
– climbed my first fourteener
– got to live and work and play and eat and do everything with my new best friends. it is comical how different we are but there is no doubt in our minds that the Lord brought us together and that is such a blessing. our time together as year-long interns was incredible.

– holy wrecked of my hatred for the accounting class I took in college. despite suffering through Mr. Goodson’s lessons on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, bookkeeping is what is in The Plan right now
– bought the car I’ve always wanted!! a Toyota 4runner.
– missed a lot of NC friends’ birthday parties, engagements, graduations, and other big moments, but celebrated anyways
– shoveled snow for the first time ever. day one was in November. then it happened seemingly everyday for 5 months. sometimes they even let me use a snow blower

– slowly read through Isaiah and Acts and loved it. read: learned a lot about scripture
– realized my nerdy-ness about textiles
– went against my 13 year old self and slept in a bunk bed again
– tried to figure out how to still be friends with people that live 2 timezones away

so here’s to whatever will happen this year. who knows what the Lord will do.

apparently it’s my Jordan year so Chole had my wear this for work on Monday


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