birthday shout-out: Chais

by kristinnfarren

another one of the core-four turned 23 today.

my four all-time favorites

my four all-time favorites

when Chais moved to Pinehurst our freshmen year of high school we decided to become BFF so we established a hand shake and have never looked back.

we really have become close over the years and he is one of my favorite people to seek time with when I get to go to North Carolina. my not living in North Carolina does not stop him from still hanging out at my parents house, which I love.

I appreciate Chais so much — a lot to do with his ability to make omelets and some to do with how freaking genuine he is. but really though. the summer after our sophomore year of college I got to watch the way God transformed Chais’ life when he became a believer at SOP. since then I have greatly come to appreciate the transparency of his life — I love the way he shares his thoughts & beliefs & dreams.