the vortex

by kristinnfarren

This past January I was in Chicago and Wisconsin during the Polar Vortex. It was the absolute worst. I made a little vow with myself that I would never go back to those places (I’m sure I’ll go back eventually). It was cold and windy and the sun never came out, just overall miserable. (Note: Erin’s wedding, the whole reason for the trip, was NOT mis).
The vortex I speak of here is very different. This vortex is actually the best and I am the most thankful for it.


February 2013 is when I got sucked into the vortex, which was more like a light breeze at that point … I took a full time job and decided to officially move to Fraser, CO.

Then Betsy came in May 2013 for a couple months and is still here.

Amy was here. Moved to Charleston. Felt the vortex from 2 time zones away and moved back.

Lindsay was also here. Moved to Austin. Despite a deep, deep love for Texas … moved back here.

Ashley was here for a few months but had to go back to Norman to finish school. Luckily school is over and she’s right back in the action.

Jordan has been here a while and knew she couldn’t deny the vortex so she didn’t even try.

Phoebe fled the vortex hard – she was here then she was in Chapel Hell then she was in Namibia. Yep, now she’s here.


Suckers. All of us.