Psalms of the Summer : behind them

by kristinnfarren

In the summer the exact same thing happens every day of each week. Today, Saturday July 26, looked remarkably similar to Saturday, June 7. It’s the nature of Young Life camp. It’s a blessing because you know what to expect each day. It’s a curse because it is the most routine for 10 weeks straight.

insert : the Psalms of the summer.

They are my prayer for each day of the week that repeats itself. Some of the days pertain to what is going on in camp with campers and the part of the Gospel they are hearing. Other days are for the folks working in camp.

Making this list became a dream / goal last summer but it wasn’t finished until this summer. It has a been a great focus for prayer in the mornings and as I sit at my desk everyday.

day 1: Psalm 107
day 2: summer staff – Psalm 4
day 3: assigned team – Psalm 40
day 4: Psalm 51
day 5: Psalm 19
day 6: work crew – Psalm 95
day 7: Psalm 149