Psalms of the summer: day 1

by kristinnfarren


Psalm 107

Sundays, or day 1 in our world, are a crazy day. As a camp staff we spend the morning together to honor the Sabbath as we as possible can in the midst of the craziness. It is good and quiet and healing.

Then at 3:00 buses start pulling through the entrance and the mayhem starts again.

Hundreds of high schoolers crawl off the buses after days of traveling, tired and tired of each other. They’re here expecting the best weeks of their lives, just as their leaders have promised for months.
Their leaders emerge from the buses even slower – more tired after days of traveling. But leaders may be the most excited to be at camp because they have been praying for this day for months. This day marks the beginning of the Gospel being unfolded to their high school friends piece by piece.

The prayer here is that by the time they step back on those buses they will be able to speak out that The Lord has redeemed them (v. 2). Over and over in this Psalm different examples are given, but the same thing rings true each time: He rescues them from their distress. I know The Lord will answer these poor souls in their distress if they would just cry out to Him.

And so begins the week.