Psalms of the summer: day 2 for summer staff

by kristinnfarren

Summer staffers are a special group of people in camp. They are college students that come here to volunteer. They are thirsty for Christian community. They are hunger for Scripture. They are establishing their identities as son & daughter servants of the Lord. They are set apart.

Psalm 4.

I pray my favorite Psalm for them. I love the evidence of them calling out to God and the way that is reflected in this Psalm. Our hope as a property staff is that they will come here and experience great joy & deep peace. And then … they’ll take those back to their college campuses.

This session some special people are here on the summer staff team and I am incredibly thankful for them being here. I like them a lot because they’re fun, but I also like them because their presence is a sweet taste of the Promised Land.