Psalms of the summer: day 4

by kristinnfarren

the sin talk.
Psalm 51

Day 4s are so friggin heavy. I hate the feeling of knowing that 500 high schoolers are hearing about the fact that they are sinful. There is no gracious part of this part of the Gospel message, there’s grace to come but not yet. Leaders have to sit by and watch their friends wrestle with this idea that shows them the darkness in their hearts and lives.

There is a mood about camp that is somber and unlike any other day. I try to stay out of main camp around the time they come out of hearing this talk because there are tears and looks of anger. It breaks my heart for then to endure this but not as much as all of our sin hurts God.

But Psalm 51 is right. The Scripture is true and real and evident on this day. It is such a plea to be right with God but by what he can do for us, not by anything we can do. There is no sacrifice, no bull big enough to make any sort of difference.

As kids wrestle with this all day, everyone working at camp is preparing for the night because it is the best night. It is the night that never ends. It is a good time. It is full of laughter. It is a picture of life to the full.
We invite kids to dress up, to sing songs, to laugh until it hurts, and to dance the night away. It is always, always a good time and normally folks’ favorite night at camp. The good night is such a contradiction to the bummer of a morning they had. If you look at the day from 20,000 feet up you can see the contrast of light and dark, just like the difference of Christ in someone’s life.