Psalms of the summer: day 6 for work crew

by kristinnfarren

Psalm 95.
Work Crew is part of the volunteer staff at Young Life camp. It is comprised of high schoolers from all over the country, most of whom are very new in their faith. Their Young Life leaders call for months fighting for a spot for them. These folks work hard, long hours washing dishes, running weedeaters, setting the dining hall, cleaning restrooms, and folding laundry (read: not glamorous summer jobs).

But they had an experience through Young Life where they fell in love with Jesus and they hope to create a similar time for another group of high schoolers. They are my favorite group of people on camp, for sure.

I pray for them on this day because on this night they get to share with campers who they are and why they’re serving. It’s a beautiful picture of high schoolers telling other high schoolers about Jesus. Yes.

I pray this Psalm for them because they have risen above and identified themselves as “the people of his pasture, the sheep of his land.” Generations before them have remained hard hearted to the Lord, but not them. Their lives have been transformed, they have entered into His place of rest, they are making a joyful noise, they have a heart of flesh.